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Under the Radar Festival presents The Champagne Room, January 8, 2017

"BEST PERFORMANCE ART" show of 2016! (Best of Chicago 2016)

The Champagne Room is a magical room that has been secretly hidden for years. Inside lives Champagne Jerry and his entourage, the Champagne Club, with enough cheap gold, dance, effervescence, and memories to last a lifetime. Semi-retired performance artist Neal Medlyn returns with songs from his notorious career to help open the Champagne Room for a performance and event that will change everyone’s life. This is Champagne Jerry in the Champagne Room feat. Neal Medlyn.

Named one of the top ten best performers in New York by Time Out, profiled in Rolling Stone, Brooklyn Vegan and Interview Magazine, Champagne Jerry is a project of Neal Medlyn alongside collaborators Max Tannone, Adam Ad-Rock Horovitz and his onstage entourage of Tannone, Sophia Cleary, Farris Craddock and the Ghost of Champagne Past. Champagne Jerry continues Medlyn's work in his Pop Star Series.