Champagne Jerry’s Latest Rap Is an Anthem For Artists Who’ve Hit the Small-Time



Champagne Jerry, "New York's finest underground rapper," was named one of the best performers in New York by Time Out, profiled in Rolling Stone, Brooklyn Vegan and Interview magazine and been a musical guest on The Chris Gethard Show on Fusion TV. He is a music and performance project of Neal Medlyn alongside collaborators Max Tannone, Adam Ad-Rock Horovitz and his onstage entourage of Tannone, Sophia Cleary, Farris Craddock and the Ghost of Champagne Past. Champagne Jerry continues Medlyn's prior work with pop stars in his Pop Star Series. The aim is to continuously create and provide the most significant moments in everyone's lives. He has routinely sold out shows at Joe's Pub in New York City where he had a year long residency and has played the Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Kitchen, New York Live Arts, Union Pool, Pianos, and various rock clubs, parties, Walmart parking lots, art venues and theaters on tour across the U.S. His album and videos for his albums “For Real, You Guys” and “The Champagne Room” are available now everywhere.


Champagne Jerry is a great rap band with a wild stage show that veers between comedic sexuality, tales of being an East Texas fuck-up, and weird-as-hell skits -- like a silly David Bowie or freaky Beastie Boys, or like Kanye West if Kanye rapped about driving a Chevette and taking lamaze. Champagne Jerry is funny enough for comedy clubs, tight enough for rock clubs, and weird enough for art venues. He tells audiences that all of their dreams will come true. Well, not all of them, but one. Maybe two.



Named the Best Performance Art Exhibit of 2016 (Best of Chicago 2016)

"One of the best performers in New York City!" -- The Chris Gethard Show (Champagne Jerry was the musical guest on May 25, 2016)

"Champagne Jerry records are definitely, in one way, on the very far end of the weird spectrum of rap music, then, in another way, very far on the weird punk spectrum. They meet at these two ends in this bizarre way. People don't usually meet at the place where Champagne Jerry meets." -- Adam Ad Rock Horovitz

“Champagne Jerry’s songs are established, playful and catchy... He possesses a unique swagger!” -- Interview magazine

One of “New York City’s Top Ten Downtown Cabaret Performers,” “he keeps weirdness alive.” -- Time Out New York

If his raps are any indication, Medlin embraces the ludicrous side of his brimming creativity.” -- Village Voice profile

“It’s like if Eminem took steroids during a women’s studies class!” -- Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, the Julie Ruin)